self respect

Many people find it hard to respect others especially in the case that the individual proves hard to respect or with others because they simply choose not to . The least you can do is respect yourself .

I happened to involuntarily eavesdrop a very uncomfortable conversation – it couldnt be help the guy wasnt making any efforts to be discreet .

so this guy was going on and on about how many women he had bedded , the conversatiion then drifted to his latest prey – a single mother .According to him the woman wasnt as receptable to his advances as expected …” so i told her , no need to pretend to be shy its not as if you are still a girl”

to say i was dumbfounded is laying it too thin , i felt sexually harrased – im not even a mother , and yet to hear another women being levelled to nothingness simply because she was a single mother was to say the least disrespectful

Many single mothers feel they are no longer spoilt for choice and end up dating the first guy who comes along thus lowering their value themselves and men tend to respond likewise .

being a single mother does not make you any less of a woman and one should not settle for a lesser man.

know your worth , respect yourself first and others will follow suit #selfworth


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