Conference: Equality, Diversity and the Ethics of Philosophy

Feminist Philosophers

Oxford, 23 May

The conference will feature talks by a number of leading philosophers who have contributed to recents discussions of issues of gender diversity in professional philosophy. In addition to the speakers, a number of other philosophers will be in attendance as invited participants. The aims of the conference are to listen and learn about equality and diversity issues in academic philosophy (with a focus on gender equality and diversity), take stock of the current situation and engage in dialogue about the future.

Helen Beebee (Manchester):
“Introduction to the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme”

Fiona Jenkins (ANU):
“Judging Excellence in Philosophy.”

Sally Haslanger (MIT):
“Increasing Diversity by Thinking Differently?  Reflections on Philosophical Method.”

Jenny Saul (Sheffield):
“Equality and Diversity in Hiring and Graduate Student Recruitment.”

Daniela Dover (UCLA):
“Philosophical Conversation.”

Helen Beebee (Manchester):
“Staff-student Relationships: Inside and Outside the classroom”

Space is limited, so register soon.  More here.

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